Do you need a new irrigation system or

have a drip or sprinkler system that needs repairing?

  • Oval or play areas dying off over summer?
  • Spending money on plants only to lose them because they’re not watered?
  • Paid a Lot of money for a system and don’t know how to use it or it doesn’t work?

Greenwater has worked with schools since it’s conception, so we understand the financial, safety and time constraints that schools have to work under. All of Greenwater’s friendly staff have Working with Children Cards and understand the responsibility of working around little eyes and ears.

Please look at our Testimonials to see what other School Principals have to say about Greenwater’s work.

Greenwater has all the knowledge, staff and equipment to complete any of your irrigation plumbing needs, so give US a call at Greenwater.

I know we can help.

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