Got a blocked drain?

  • Blocked toilet?
  • Storm water drain not clearing?
  • Unpleasant odours coming from your sewer?

At Greenwater we know that there is never a good time to have a blocked sewer.

Greenwater cleans sewer lines quickly and efficiently utilising high-velocity water pressure.

Powerful streams of high-pressure water, emitting from the forward and reverse jets in the nozzle, propel the hose through the line. As the nozzle and hose turn, debris such as scale, silt, sand and grease is blasted free and washed away.


Greenwater has the technology for opening these lines faster. Particularly impressive are high-pressure tools that jet water at more than 3,000 pounds PSI down sewer lines to open stubborn clogs. Our trained plumbers can help you resolve your blocked drain today, and make it safe again!

So don’t be left with the inconvenience of an unsafe blocked drain, call Us at Greenwater.

I know we can help.


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